The Hunt

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be styled by a professional stylist? Here’s your opportunity to find out. Style Me for N-Y-E  is the way that community members have the chance to be styled by this amazing panel.

Anyone can qualify. Earn 10 gems between 11/29-12/8 by adding finds to hunts that need help. Once you’ve earned 10 gems you get to submit a hunt! If your hunt is chosen the panelist will hand-pick the look for you!

Here’s some info about the panelists. You can get more info about the whole event here.

Christian Serratos 

Nikki Pennie

Yifat Oren

Good luck everyone. 

Hunters are stars and stars get treated like gems on The Hunt. 

And dreams of styling danced through their heads..


-Pick through any vintage and second hand store for the perfect pieces to complete your outfit.

-Rummage around your families’ closets to pull together dreamy outfits you’ve only imagined.

-Constantly envision classmates, friends, and family in new and different outfits or with different hair/make-up.

-Just love style and can’t get it out of your head, ever.

The Hunt:

-Have a cure for what ails you!

The pieces above are in desperate need of your TLC and talents. The images are of garments or shoes hunters actually own. The problem is that they aren’t sure how to wear them. Try your hand at styling with willing and eager subjects. Click on the links below to help!

1.  Paula’s Overall Shorts (second from left) are recruiting cute accompanying garments.

2. Brittany’s Floral Shoes want whole outfits.

3. Daniella’s Leather Pants need tops.

4. Diana’s Dress is hoping to find shoes, jewelry, and outerwear.

5. Hannah’s Shoes are ballet pink and are hunting for a wedding guest appropriate dress.

6. Paige’s Tough Girl Spiked Jacket is hot but now she wants to make it cool. Help her out.

7. Iona’s Litas are on the hunt for the perfect outfit.

8. Emily’s Galaxy Dress is on a voyage for out-of-this-world shoes and sweaters.

9. Brenna’s Chevron Infinity Scarf is coveting the perfect shoes, shirt, pants, and hairstyle.

10. Stephanie’s Maxi could sure use a top that matches it’s fashion sensibility.