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Fall Favorites

We’ve been obsessing over tartan, boots and scarves lately… and duh it’s FALL. Where is the cold weather?! While we’re waiting for the cold snap to hit, we’re just going to keep starting Hunts for all of the cute outfits we’re finding on Pinterest! Have you checked out our Fall Favorites board yet? Here are a few of our favorite outfits that we are lusting over! 

Florals for fall


Tartan scarf 


Statement plaid 


Cozy cute


Cable knit


Trend Thursday: Backpacks

Say goodbye to your middle school Jansport because backpacks are back and chicer than ever! From edgy studs to ultra-girly pastels, backpacks have gotten a serious style upgrade. We are pretty obsessed with backpacks - especially with all of the cute ones we’ve seen on The Hunt. They’re the perfect addition to any outfit on and off campus. Not to mention… they’re super functional. How can you not love backpacks!? Find a few community faves below. 







Pastel tie dye




Which one are you going to add to your wishlist? 

Best Beauty Buys on The Hunt

As the seasons change, summer flings become fall things, layers and boots come back on the scene, and of course, our beauty preferences become more resistant to the fall/winter cold. Our community has been obsessing over these 5 products - and who can blame them, we are totes in love with these products, too!

Naked Palettes


Naked palettes, 1, 2 and 3, are probably the best, most versatile, gorgeous palettes ever created. No wonder you Gems are OBSESSED. We are too! Any Naked palette will get you through fall in serious shimmer and shine.

Nude Lippies


Nude lips are perfect for everyday wear, especially at school! Pair a nude lip with a fierce cat eye and your makeup look is good to go! 



Our community is loving NARS’ blush collection. Whether you need a good bronzer, contour or just a healthy glow, NARS has amazing options for almost any complexion.

Makeup Brushes


A good set of makeup brush is beyond necessary to achieve your desired makeup look. Popular brushes on The Hunt are stippling brushes (for a flawless, air-brushed finish) and kabuki brushes (for buffing in powder foundation). A little hint: The less bristles a brush has, the better it is. This is because the less bristles a brush has, the less product it will soak up. You’re welcome ;) 

Maybelline Mascaras


THIS IS ALL YOU NEED. A few of us at The Hunt HQ swear by Maybelline mascaras, especially “The Colassal Volume Express.” For almost any Hunt asking for recommendations for drugstore beauty buys, one of these mascaras is usually added as a Find! Have you tried any of these mascaras? 

What are the beauty products YOU swear by? Share them with us in the comments below! 

Style Snapshot: YouTuber, Miss Tiffany Ma

Meet Miss Tiffany Ma, one of our fave YouTube gurus! We LOVE watching Tiffany’s videos because it’s like she’s always taking us on a new adventure with her! Whether it’s a Get Ready With Me video or a room tour, we feel like we’re instant BFFs with Tiffany whenever we visit her channel. Get to know more about her below and be sure to follow her on The Hunt

Q: Tell us a little bit about why you started your YouTube channel

A: I started my YouTube channel my Junior year of high school when I wanted to be my high school news anchor. I wasn’t too serious about my channel initially, but it was something that helped me improve my public speaking skills. In all honesty, I didn’t realize how much I was going to grow on YouTube until I scored the position as the main anchor my Senior year! That was awesome, and I had YouTube to thank for that so I kept making more and more videos!

Q: What other YouTube channels do you watch often?

A: I love watching ClothesEncounters, MacBarbie07 and InTheFrow! Jen, Bethany and Victoria have such different personalities, but they all have a really great sense of personal style! It’s why I gravitate towards their channels. I like to think my style is really an embodiment of girly, grunge, and a little bit of city, all of which they all have.

Q: What’s your go-to fall fashion staple?

A: A pair of KILLER BOOTS! I probably own 17 pairs, but I’m currently obsessed with a pair I picked up from Tobi. I think boots effortlessly pulls a look together in a cool, I really didn’t try, kind of way haha. Just make sure the pair you grab have a slight point in the toe to create an illusion of being an inch or two taller!

Q: What’s one beauty secret you swear by?

A: Mederma and Neosporin! You’re probably thinking what’s that stuff for, but I swear it’s such an awesome way to prevent scarring! I’m pretty sure I was destined to have a ton of scars between my motorcycle accident, a terrible rash that skinned me like a snake, and all the acne I once had. But, I found a little trick to help prevent scarring and fade the ones I already have! All you do is apply Mederma on the spot you want to treat, let it dry, add a good layer of Neosporin, and slap a band-aid to keep the moisture trapped! I like to do this while I’m sleeping and by the next day, there’s definitely a noticeable difference!

Q: What are your favorite things about fall?

A: Fall is actually my favorite season! There’s something really nostalgic about fall, where school starts after a long summer, I take out my cardigans that I put away in winter, and Starbucks finally puts Pumpkin Spice Latte on the menu again! But, the best thing by far is probably being able to not care what my bikini body looks like and put my hibernation weight back on!

Q: How do you manage school work and a YouTube channel?

A: Haha sometimes I have no clue how I manage everything either when I factor in my social life too! But, I recently bought a new planner to help with my scheduling and it’s been working great so far! I like to prioritize my life and I know school is my #1 at the moment, but it gets difficult with everything on my plate so I’ve learned how to say, “NO,” a lot. A few years ago I didn’t know how to say that two letter word, but now I know when to say it, even if I really really really want to go to Taco Tuesdays with my friends.

Q: What’s your favorite thing on The Hunt app right now?

A: It would definitely have to be starting a new Hunt! I still can’t believe how amazing the community is, anytime I need to find a summer jacket or a cute pair of shoes I know someone will help me find it on the app! I already found my favorite pair of shoes, my white Zara sandals, because of the app. I pretty much wore them every day of summer! All my friends thought it was the only pair of shoes I owned. Haha. 

Be sure to subscribe to Tiffany’s YouTube channel and follow her on The Hunt! 

Trend Thursday: Fall(ing) In Love

**Editor’s Note: Model and fashionista Natalie-Tasha has a serious eye for style. Throughout the next couple of weeks, Natalie will be guest blogging for The Hunt as our Style Expert! See her top picks for fall below, and don’t forget to follow her on The Hunt app! 

September is one of the most fashion forward months of the year! For the last week, New York City has been filled with the top name designers and the most prestigious models to show the world that it’s time to get in gear and get shopping! To make sure you guys don’t fall behind for the new season, I put together a few of the hottest trends on The Hunt to spice up those Friday night lights and give the cute guy you sit behind in Science class something to look at ;)

Suede booties // Leather booties 

Everyone needs a cute pair of booties with the coming season. Pair them with some skinny jeans, knee high socks and shorts or even a cute skirt to dress it up a little!

Sporty sweats // Sneakers 

Football games are a staple for Fall and you can’t show up without a sporty attitude. So why not dress to impress.

Suede jacket // Cozy cardigan

We all need a comfy sweater in our closets, but sometimes you can’t look like you just rolled out of bed. Grab that trendy leather jacket and a cute warm flannel and I promise all eyes will be on you!

xo, Natalie-Tasha

Looks We Love: Fashion with an edge

Edgy styles are the easiest to transition from season to season, especially from summer to fall. Take your ripped boyfriend jeans and tank tops and throw on some fierce moto boots and a leather or flannel over your shoulders and you’re good to go. Sounds easy right? Just in case you needed any more inspiration for your edgy fall looks, here are a few of our favorites from The Hunt app and from our Pinterest board, Fashion With An Edge






BeautyGlamNow: Fall Beauty Picks

We are so honored to be a featured guest on The Hunt and love how our relationship has evolved with this incredible company. We hope you were all able to enter the ‘Win a year supply of lipstick’ contest we had last month. If not, don’t worry - there will be more contests to come ;)

Beauty Glam Now (BGN) is a leading lifestyle editorial platform with headquarters in Los Angeles, Ca. We find the most stellar brands, companies, and people and put them all together on our website.

With summer shifting into fall it’s important that your beauty + skincare routine shift as well. In fall the air tends to be a little dry & cooler. So here are some helpful tips to staying ahead of the game.



Your skin has been kissed by the sun all summer, so now is the time to concentrate on nourishing it. We recommend starting with an exfoliate. We are loving all the ‘frank-like’ coffee scrubs. Caffeine is great at stimulating the skin to bring nourishment to areas that need healing ex: stretch marks, scars, rough patches etc.

If you’re like us we like to keep a subtle summer glow –try using a gradual tan moisturizer like St. Tropez Tanning Essentials Everyday Gradual Tan For Body. We love a nice glow and this will give you a healthy look for your skin.

Make-up trends:

This fall we will be seeing a lot of clean lines & nude colors. It’s all about capturing a clean look. A stream-line eyeliner we love, Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Push-Up Liner paired with subtle colors of eye shadow will be everything this season.

When choosing a lip color make sure it is aligned with your eyes and the amount of make-up. A simple eye paired with a dark lip color will have heads turning. And if going with a smokey eye make sure to choose a more neutral tone lip color.

As a reminder make sure to use a great primer. We love the primers that are silky smooth. HD Microperfecting Primer is a must. It will help your make-up last so much longer and give you a smooth surface to work on.


Since dry hair can be the case this season it’s important to use a serum for your hair- we have fallen head over heels with L’oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Restorative Dry Oil.

For more of BeautyGlamNow, visit