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Five reasons why your BF should be on The Hunt

The Hunt is not just for ladies, ladies! Like we said in our Dudes on The Hunt post last week - there’s a place for dudes on the app! We’re here to show you five reasons why your boyfriend or dude best friend should be on The Hunt: 

1. For a style upgrade! He can start a style me Hunt and ask the community for advice on what to wear for a surprise date night ;) 

2. So he can check out your profile to see what you’ve been Hunting for (it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping!)

3. So he can see what other dudes are Hunting for and get style inspiration 

4. Because he’ll always be able to find new additions to his Air Jordans collection 

5. Because you keep telling him to 

Mani Monday: Mermaid Nails

This week’s Mani Monday by Wondrously Polished is an ode to mermaids! Get crafty with colors and try this scale-y siren mani at home!




1. Start by painting your nails with your favorite white polish and let dry completely. 
2. Paint a gradient of white to teal to blue onto a damp makeup sponge. I used 4 different colors for this step. Make sure there is enough polish on the sponge to transfer onto your nail. 
Click through for the rest of this tutorial! 

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Dudes on The Hunt

A lot of people think that The Hunt is “girls only” which is sooo not true! There are a bunch of stylish dudes on The Hunt and we wanted to introduce you to a few of them. Get to know them and follow them on the app! 

Name: Jesse

Home: California


Jesse reminds us of our love for everyone’s favorite uncles from Full House, Jesse and Joey, and has managed to become the perfect combination of both. He has the cool rocker look of Uncle Jesse and the hilarious personality of Uncle Joey. Jesse’s favorite item in his closet is his pair of Triumph Doc Martens. They are totally making a comeback right now! His favorite item that he has spotted on The Hunt is a Holographic Mosaic shirt by Jason Brickhill. 

Name: Marc

Home: Spain


Meet Marc! Marc may not consider himself to be a fashion expert, but he still loves The Hunt and has a great eye for adding Finds! His favorite Hunts to solve tend to be for iPhone cases, vintage sunglasses, and men’s accessories. He absolutely LOVES everything and anything vintage! Marc has an amazing talent when it comes to finding things quickly on the internet, which is what makes him so great at solving Hunts!

Name: James

Home: Maryland


James is totally fashion savvy! He describes his personal style as something that makes him feel and look good without having to put in a whole lot of effort. James prides himself on having a great sense of humor and says, “life is too short so have a few laughs and don’t let things get to you when they shouldn’t!” We think that’s fabulous advice. Lately James has been seeing a lot of color popping up in menswear, and he even admits to having jumped on this trend himself!

Name: Julian

Home: London


Julian describes his style as “go with the flow.” His favorite accessory is a very special silver ring with the hallmark of a London silversmith on it. With Julian’s sharp eye for fashion, he’s noticed that pocket tee shirts are the most popular men’s fashion trend right now, and we totally agree! These comfy tee’s can be paired with almost anything and still remain totally stylish. When Julian isn’t on The Hunt he’s hanging out with friends, traveling, or taking pictures!

If you’re a stylish dude on The Hunt, we’d love to hear from you! Comment below to be featured in Dudes on The Hunt part 2!

Brand Story: Nine89 Apparel

Do you remember butterfly clips? Blue eye shadow? How about tattoo chokers?




Ah, yes, the ‘90s my love, you have returned! It’s finally socially acceptable for me to wear my jean jumpsuit in public…well, in some situations. I do live in Austin, Texas, so I guess there is always a time and a place for a jean jumpsuit (Keep Austin Weird!). I have always been a huge fan of older trends making their way back into the fashion world. This gives me a great excuse to hold onto an outfit for an unreasonable amount of time and for the past five years I have been slowly but surely adding ‘90s pieces back into my wardrobe. I want to share my findings with you all! I started my online Etsy store, Nine89 because I love thrifting and finding treasures for people. I think this is why my love for The Hunt has flourished so quickly. I first started using The Hunt a month ago. I liked that not only could I help put an outfit together for somebody, but I could also share my treasures from my store with people from all over the world. I am able to connect many young fashion forward individuals to that unique item they have been searching for—-whether it be a crazy cheetah patterned baseball cap or a pair of black chunky sandals. Although my store has items outside the ‘90s era, it is safe to say that the basic feel of Nine89 is ‘90s lovin’.

It would be great to see what ‘90s fashion means to different people from all over  the world and I would like to give The Hunt’s community an opportunity to win an item  of their choice from my store, Nine89. Just follow @thehunt and myself @kmodares  on Instagram and post a throwback of your favorite ‘90s outfit. Make sure you also include the tag #Nine89! Contest ends Sunday at 5pm PST. I cannot wait to see the different outfits you all can come up with!

- Kristina 

DIY Jewelry Stand

Editor’s Note: We’re so happy to introduce you to one of our Editors-in-Chic, Barbara! She’s a great Finder on The Hunt and one of our top community members. She’s here to share this super cute and super simple DIY with you Gems!


Let’s begin!

To create this stand you will need the following:


1. Three different sized plates or bowls (depending on your preference

2. Flat-top candle holder

3. A glass or small vase

4. Seashells and/or small items of some sort to fill up the glass or vase

Get Stackin’!


As shown in the image, stack the plates or bowls using the glass/vase (which I filled with the seashells) as well as the candle holder. Make sure everything is centered or else you will be seeing a lot of broken glass in the near future!

Finishing Touches:


Gather your jewelry and say yellow to your new jewelry organizer! 

Will you try this DIY? Share with us below!

Charity Challenge: Solve Hunts and Support a Cause


Big news, Gems! We have an exciting and meaningful style challenge for you! You can help girls all over the country build their self-esteem and confidence with a new outfit and all you have to do is solve Hunts!

We are challenging you to solve as many Hunts as you can between July 15th and July 29th and we will donate up to $15k to the non-profit organization Threads for Teens.

Threads for Teens provides free clothing to girls who are in foster care, group homes and extreme situations of poverty. TFT was founded in 2010 by Hunt community member Allyson Ahlstrom. Allyson was inspired to help less-fortunate girls in her community and reached out to hundreds of clothing companies to solicited donations for TFT. 

Allyson opened a boutique in Windsor, CA where she shares her love of fashion with other teenage girls, offering VIP styling appointments where her customers receive a new designer outfit and new sense of confidence. This summer she is taking TFT on a national road tour styling girls all around the country. 

As a Hunter, you will receive some major style karma during this challenge! When you style someone on The Hunt, you will be helping TFT style less-fortunate girls around the country.

In the next two weeks, if 100k Hunts are solved we will donate $5,000, if 150k Hunts are solved we will donate $10,000 and if 200k Hunts are solved we will donate $15,000!

We are so excited to collaborate with Allyson and Threads for Teens. Young women helping each other through fashion is what The Hunt and Threads for Teens value most, and we wanted to make sure all of you were involved in this special project as well.

Click here for more info!

Happy Hunting, Gems!


(This month TFT set out on their second nation-wide road in a huge pink bus decked out with the Threads for Teens and The Hunt logos. Allyson will be styling girls in 14 cities around the country.)


(Allyson founder of TFT looking so cute and matching her TFT pink tour bus!)

(July 14 The TFT bus arrived at the first city on the tour. LA customers lined up outside the bus waiting for their VIP styling appointments) 


(A happy TFT customer poses with her new sweater and Charity Challenge instructions from The Hunt!) 

Mani Monday: Abstract Floral Nail Tutorial

Happy Mani Monday Gems! This week’s abstract floral nail tutorial by Wondrously Polished was inspired by a Fave Find!




1. Paint your nails a vibrant teal shade and let dry completely. 
2. With a bright pink polish and your detail brush, paint the base of each flower. Paint full flowers in the middle of your nail and partial ones on the sides on your nail to keep the pattern interesting. Change up how in bloom the flowers as well! Paint ones with lots of open petals and some that are more closed up and fewer petals. 
Click through to see the rest of this fabulous floral tutorial!

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Brand Story: Divergence Clothing

Hi everyone! My name is Valerie and I am the owner of Divergence Clothing. We are a fashion forward online shopping destination for the woman/girl who loves to turn heads. We carry the perfect combination of hard to find brands and also very affordable items for a girls night out or a relaxing day with friends. We love the idea of pairing a $100 dollar blazer with a $20 dress and looking like the best dressed girl in the room. This is what we have to offer and people are loving it. It is a one stop shop for everything a girl could possibly be looking for. Through The Hunt, our business has grown tremendously. It has helped women from across the globe find and fall in love with Divergence Clothing.

I first heard about The Hunt before I opened Divergence Clothing in January of 2014. I was searching for a dress for a friends wedding. The previous night, I saw a young woman wearing a BEAUTIFUL yet unique little black dress. I knew I just had to have it for the wedding. I had tried google searches and was coming up empty handed. Finally, I found The Hunt on a random search. Needless to say I was thrilled when I saw what The Hunt had to offer. The site seemed easy to use and I decided to give it a try. I posted a similar photo of the dress I wanted with a short description. After only one hour, a fellow Hunter posted the exact dress I was looking for and the stores link. I immediately bought the dress. I had never heard of this particular store that sold my dream dress. However, after discovering that store, I have shopped there several more times. Through my experience with The Hunt I have been able to find cool new stores and hard to find items. The Hunt has helped Divergence Clothing go from a tiny online store, to a big success in only a few short months. Thank you The Hunt!

Find more from Divergence Clothing by following them on The Hunt!

Trend Thursday: Daisy Fields Forever

"Florals in Spring…Groundbreaking!" said the fabulous Miranda Priestly in the movie The Devil Wears Prada (if you haven’t seen it, Netflix NOW). Everyone loves floral print in spring (been there done that!) but florals in summer are a different story and the flower power pick of the season is daisy. From boho sunnies to Blair Waldorf worthy bows, daisy prints have taken over The Hunt app! After looking through all the AMAZING Finds, we know you will agree: Daisies are the pick of the season ;)

Find more crazy daisy print!

Celeb Finds on The Hunt

One of the worst things that could possibly happen to a fashionista is seeing something beyond amaze on their favorite celeb or style icon, and not being able to figure out where they bought it from or how to recreate the look. If you’ve ever been caught in this horrible predicament, you know the feeling we’re describing. From what we’ve seen on The Hunt lately, there’s a lot of celebrity outfit envy… But the best part is, our community is on it! There have been so many amazing Finds added to these celeb Hunts with items that are absolutely to die for.

Kylie Jenner // Bathing Suit Top 

Ashley Benson // Floral Maxi Dress

Ariana Grande // Lavender Skater Skirt

Lauren Conrad // Floral Romper 

Kendall Jenner // Pastel Floral Sunnies